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Still training hard!

December 30, 2010

Nick training really hard at the gym when the weather was poor.......

Well, the end of the year has fizzled out with a whimper for me as far as running has gone, with yet another entered race, the Ely 10k on New Years Eve biting the dust. I think that’s 5 entered races I have had to pull out of in the last 7/8 months now.

The training has continued though and I am a month into my gym membership at David Lloyds. That has been a real boon as it has enabled me to cross-train with a bit of non-impact stuff, swim, and recently up a bit of resistance work and core strengthening.

Always been a bit sceptical about such things, but I should have listened ages ago, because I am certainly feeling the benefit of this, and moreso than I would have believed. The one thing I am a little concerned about is the weight gain. Half expected with resistance training, and certainly not helped by the time of year and all that goes with it. Just wish someone would come along and finish off the goodies that are lying around the place with a big “Eat Me” sign on them!
Whilst my knee has held up really well, the calf has been a concern, but the beauty of treadmill running is you can jump off when you get a tweak. Not sure if I have been too over cautious though, and will be out on the road at the weekend in a bid to get ready for 17th April, which is the sole target now.

It has been great to be joined by Nick and Andy at DL, for the last 12 days at least. We all made one session together, but whilst Andy and myself were having a good go at things, Nick was more interested in contraptions than contained wires, hand-cuffs, and tortuous looking implements. All that was missing (I think!) was a pink feather duster. Oh, the TV screens were also interesting him when the darts came on.

None of that for Andy and myself, and we were to have 4/5 days of some pretty damn good work-outs, or should I say sparring! Good to have someone to go up against though, and as you would expect, no-one was prepared to let the other do a single lift more than themselves!

The swims were a good way to warm down though, and the sauna a nice way of chewing the fat.

It would seem I will have to spend more time motivating myself now though, but thanks for the tips Mr P, it was fun.
The least said about the coffee afterwards the better, as that is likely to kick-start a whole new debate.

Here’s to a great, injury free start to 2011. We WILL cross that bloody line on 17th April.

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  1. Nick Witcombe permalink*
    January 2, 2011 11:29 am

    You are giving the impression I was getting keep fit tips from former tv presenter Frank Bough

  2. January 4, 2011 8:20 pm

    You were doing the impression, not me!

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