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1 month down 74 days to go, Januarys review

February 1, 2011

After gaining a charity place in the Virgin London marathon during December I decided I had to make the most of the opportunity and add some real structure to my training. I’d enjoyed the gym work that I did with Steve in December whilst rehabilitating after injury and started working on strength to go with the miles I’d be running.

Taking advice from the FVS club coaches I have reduced the speed I train at both during intervals as well as on the long sunday runs, which so far has kept me healthy. I’m planning on practicing different fuelling strategies in February as well as working on my diet, which I know isn’t very good.

January sessions in numbers are as follows; 23 total sessions (strength and running) 13 were running covering 114 miles burning over 17,000 calories. My training heart rate has dropped by 6bpm, either indicating that I am getting fitter, or the reduction in speed has helped.

The cross training has helped, flexibar / circuit training and weights in the gym have increased strength both in my core and my upper body, leading me to feel stronger when running and able to maintain my form. If I can carry this on, I’m sure I’ll benefit when getting back to the shorter distances and the midweek 10k’s in the summer.

Most important is the focus on April and the goal to get round London. The ‘Meet the Experts’ session in London last weekend gave me lots of confidence of completing the Marathon, as 97.5% of starters managed to do so, but as always it’s getting to the start line….

see you again in March…


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