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Pain is temporary – Part One of my VLM story

April 25, 2011

My training up to the day of the marathon had been a mixture of good and bad. Up to the end of February I had reached 20 miles with little problem and was feeling confident of running a great marathon. However I suffered a knee injury during my first run in March therefore limiting me to mostly cross training and cycle rides up to race day. It was not perfect preparation but I was determined to take part in the race so as long as I was healthy on the 17th, I would be there

Visiting the Marathon Expo on the Friday, 2 days before the marathon, had certainly helped build the anticipation for the big day. Apart from walking around with Andy, talking to representatives for every marathon from Loch Ness to Timbuktu, drinking a thimble of London Pride and speaking to a cage fighter regarding NASA technology in an elastic band I managed to buy myself another gadget for race day. I was an ice bandage that helps cool the leg easily and can be reused. When the salesman said it had been tested on racehorses I had to buy one.

"Bandage being tested before VLM"

Bandage being tested before VLM

The day before the marathon was spent relaxing, hydrating and eating carbs. My nerves were on edge all day. I also spent time surfing the web and investigating how to prepare for running a marathon. I also made some breakfast bars to eat before the race as they worked during training and I didn’t fancy the porridge in a flask plan.

On race day I took the coach to Greenwich with rest of the Fab 4 and other fellow marathon runners. My nerves were calmed by laughter with my fellow travellers. On arriving at Greenwich we made our way to the red start and started preparing for the race. I was determined that I would prepare as best as possible for the long day ahead. I wasn’t thinking of a time, I just wanted to reach the finish line before Brian the snail from the Magic Roundabout and get that medal around my neck.

Must beat Brian!!

Must beat Brian!!

Factor 30 was applied to avoid sunburnt, a knee brace was worn to help support my knee during the race and the combination of a tony top and shorts along with half a jar of petroleum jelly was applied to avoid chafing and bleeding in the inside legs and moobs area having seen what happened to runners while helping with baggage the previous year

Once I handed my bag into the baggage lorry I made my way to pen 9 and prepared for the start of the race. Gadget was ready to hit the Smoke!!

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