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Fab 4 Hall of Fame

June 8, 2011

During our time running with the Fairlands Valley Spartans and tackling obstacles such as running the 2011 London Marathon, the numerous half marathons, 10k’s, etc along with day to day tasks of improving our health and fitness there have been numerous individuals we have identified as inspirational. The person who by their actions encourages us to reach our goals. And becuase of this I am proud to introduce the FAB4 HALL OF FAME. A hall of fame is a way to honor individuals of noteworthy achievement in their field and who show characteristics that the Fab 4 can appreciate.

To start with we have two worthy inductees and over time more individuals we feel are worthy will be added to this roll of honour. The first inductee was a top quality runner who has represented his country. Bedford held the world record at 10,000m and held the British record for 3,000m steeplechase and 5,000m. He was known for running in red socks. He went on to become the race director of the London Marathon and was a hugh influence on our success at this years marathon with his humour and enjoyment of hydration at the VLM seminar. Ladies and Gentleman, inductee number one into the F4HOF is David Bedford

Inductee number 2 is a Fairlands Valley Spartan who we have all got to know very well during our time with the club. We understand his first competitive run was in 1908 when he took part in the Stevenage village fun run at the age of 26. Since then he has gone from strength to strength and regularly takes part in runs over numerous distances ranging from 5k to the marathon. His cheerful exterior and attitude to running is certainly something that inspires us. Inductee number 2 is Mr Ron Cohen.

I am sure you will agree that these 2 are worthy inductees. However if you feel that there is someone out there who could also take there place in the Hall of Fame and show characteristics the Fab 4 can relate to then put forward your nominations wither via the Facebook page or via feefbacks to the blog.

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